How to Clean Costume Jewelry

Image titled Clean Costume Jewelry Step 10Costume jewelry usually consists of less expensive stones and metals than those found in fine jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones. Nevertheless, many pieces of costume jewelry are still valuable, either in monetary or sentimental value, or perhaps even both. Moreover, costume stones and metals are often less durable than those found in finer jewelry, requiring the use of gentle cleaning methods. Knowing how to clean these pieces properly without damaging them will set your mind at ease.

Method 1 of 3: Doing a Dry Clean

The dry method is a safe way to clean old jewelry, since many moist or wet cleansers can leave behind a film or even cause lasting damage.

1. Find a workspace with good lighting. Overhead lights in dark rooms are likely to cast shadows and should be avoided. Look for a desk with a lamp that you can direct or a clear counter in front of a window.
2. Use a dry baby toothbrush or similarly soft brush to gently brush the piece’s surface. Doing this will remove any dirt caked onto the surface.

6 Tips for Buying Antique & Estate Jewelry

antique jewelryMy mother recently gifted me a locket that once belonged to my grandmother, and it is one of my prized possessions. It is an heirloom I plan to someday pass along to my own daughter, and in addition to holding great sentimental value, the quality and durability of the item is great. Plus, it’s gorgeous to boot.

There are many reasons to love antique jewelry. However, what often looks like antique jewelry is actually a clever reproduction of the real thing. So if you love older pieces, it’s important to know what to look for so you don’t end up paying top dollar for something manufactured on an assembly line last year.

How to Shop for Antique Jewelry

1. Investigate the Seller
When I search for antique jewelry online using websites like Craigslist or eBay, the first thing I do is investigate the seller and check for other items for sale. If a seller has 10 of the same antique ring, I’m going to assume that it’s not the real thing. Most antique and estate pieces are one-of-a-kind, so ordering in bulk is not an option.

I also look through the feedback of

5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought, rather than a priority, when it comes to planning a wedding. Big mistake! The right jewellery should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long.

It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, because you want everything to be perfect, but everyone has to rein it in a little. Your wedding jewelry doesn’t need to eat away at your bank balance – there are so many options and solutions for accessories on a budget. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down some tips and tricks to bear in mind when you’re picking out your w-day jewels.


If you’re after something with more of a vintage feel, or you’d just like to wear something with a little sentiment, the best place to search is your family’s jewelry boxes (with permission, of course!). Does your Grandmother have a gorgeous string of pearls that she’ll lend you for W-day? Not only will this family heirloom have real meaning as you rock it during the ceremony (something old, people!), but it’s completely free and ripe for the taking.



How to Tell if Gold Is Real

By American standards, fake gold is anything less than 10 Karats/Carats. If you’re wondering whether your gold is real, the most reliable way to find out is to take it to a certified jeweler and have it tested. If you want to check for yourself, here’s a list of tests you can conduct to tell if your gold is real.

Method 1 of 6: Visual Inspection

The first thing to do to check if you have real gold is to look at it. Look for particular signs that point to real gold.

1. Inspect the piece for official markings. A stamp will indicate either fineness (1-999 or .1-.999) or karat (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K). A magnifying glass will make this easier.

  • An older piece might not have a visible marking due to wear.
  • Counterfeit pieces can often have a marking that appears authentic; more testing may be needed either way.
2. Look for noticeable discoloration. It is important to check for discoloration in areas that face constant friction (typically around the edges).

  • If the gold seems to be wearing off and showing a different metal beneath it, you probably have a piece that is only gold plated.

How to Keep Real & Fake Jewelry From Fading & Tarnishing

  1. Don’t you just hate it when your favourite pair of gold/silver plated or sterling silver earrings go a weird, unappealing colour? Well I hope this guide helps you solve that problem!

  2. This goes for sterling silver, too! The main causes of tarnishing on silver is moisture, and since the air we breathe contains moisture… Silver can tarnish fast! Other factors include…
  3. Perfumes, body moisturisers, etc! So pop your jewellery in these little bags when unused, and they’ll stay bright and lovely for years. Also, a great way to clean tarnish off silver, is dish soap!
  4. Be sure to squeeze out the air from the bags prior to fastening, you don’t want any moisture trapped inside! Then fasten the openings ensuring no air can get in.
  5. As for jewellery turning your skin a funny colour… A brilliant way to resolve this is clear nail varnish. This can be applied to contact areas and will stop your skin from going green or blue!
  6. The moisture from your skin will cause the nickel and


You bought a well-known branded jewelry item, and now you’re looking to resell it. How does the item fare in the secondary market? Does the brand’s consumer image translate to extra dollars for you? The brand’s equity value comes into play here.

Understand Brand Equity

Brand equity is partially built on the brand’s promise, the somewhat unspoken statement of “Best in Class.” Combining years of delivering their wares with a consistent high level and staying true to their mission statement, whether written or implied, brands build equity. In turn this equity helps command generally higher prices, which feed the aspirational desires of the consumer.

If you’re thinking of making a purchase in the jewelry arena, the brands that rank high with consumers are Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, and the like. As you read the names of these famous retailers, their brand equity pops up without prompting. In the back of your mind you probably have a vision of a robin’s egg blue box or the red box of Cartier…Brand Equity!

Beyond the quality of the product, what these luxury retailers provide is the marketing message to support their image. Here is where packaging is their silent salesman. If you’ve been allured by the history,

The price you pay for designer jewellery

Retail therapy is becoming exceedingly popular and some swear that at times it can be more effective than even visiting your family doctor. Plush, inviting malls and larger disposable incomes have added fuel to more impulsive purchases.

This probably explains why purchases like jewellery, which earlier were much thought and debated over, are also falling under the basket of impulsive shopping. Maybe that’s the reason why so many jewellery outlets jostle for space in shopping malls these days.

One remarkable feature in most of the shops is that jewellery is sold on a fixed-price basis. That means that along with clothes and shoes even your jewellery comes with a maximum retail price, or MRP, tag. If you leave out the big branded stores which have been following this concept , all the other smaller outlets which follow the fixed-price route do not disclose any details about the products they sell. Of course, the salesmen assure you that it is the most authentic piece of jewellery but there is nothing to ascertain the claim. They will also provide you with weight details of the item, but again, how do you make sure that the information is accurate?

“There is actually no way you can

Sartorium: Appropriate jewellery for workplace

Jewellery can effortlessly reflect your personality. However, work-wear or classic jewellery can be sometimes challenging to keep track of. Fine jewellery designer Poonam Soni suggests three basics to keep in mind when you pick up baubles for work: the nature of your work (whether you’re in a straightjacket, conventional corporate environment or in the lifestyle business); your personality type; and your wardrobe.

In a formal workplace, let your jewellery accentuate the strict, formal look. Whether its platinum studs, a finetennis bracelet or an emerald ring, make sure that your jewellery is “crisp”, Soni says. A stud is a must-buy as it can complement almost anything you wear. Alternatively, you can opt for tiny danglers with south sea pearls. Thin platinum or gold chains with a medallion and stoned bangles are other pieces that every vanity kit needs. A cocktail ring with a single stone is a subtle way to pop some colour! A nice stone-set broochworn on the jacket or shirt can also add some hue to your classic grey, navy or black outfit. If you’re in the lifestyle or creative industries, fashion-oriented jewellery is a good investment. Wear a couple of chains, interesting stone-studded clips, or a band on the

Careful, when insuring jewellery

The recent rally in gold prices attracted attention from the analysts worldover. A barrage of questions are thrown at them-whether there can be a gain in going back to gold as a form of investment.

We often are unaware about how the valuation of gold takes place, treatment of antique forms of jewellery in valuing them, and different insurance schemes that exist for jeweller

In India, jewellery insurance is at a nascent stage, and only with the entry of the private players in the insurance landscape, jewellery insurance is tryoing to find a proper place. Globally, it has reached a fairly matured stage.

In this article, we’d try to focus on different insurance schemes that exist for jeweller, the FAQs, and briefly touch upon the valuation aspect.

Says govt-approved valuer Vinay Mehra from Mehra Sons Jewellers: “A mathematical formula encapturing the quality of gold determines the value of gold. In case of antiques, it is the rarity of the piece which is important in evaluating it. Diamond valuation depends on : a. colour b. clarity c. cut, and d. carat weight

But no clear-cut method exists for valuing antique piece of jewellery. ”

And how important is it to insure your jewellery items?

Says tax consultant Subhash


Hair color and jewelry are unlikely allies. Although it is often overlooked, hair color is a large part of a person’s overall appearance. As such, it is important to consider your hair color when choosing outfits, hats and especially jewelry. Because hair and jewelry share the same space on the face, it is critical that they co-exist in harmony. Even beyond that, it’s important that they complement one another. There are countless guides for matching skin color with jewelry and outfits with accessories, but very few address the importance of hair color. To enhance your overall ensemble and create a cohesive look that flatters, follow the simple guide below.

1)      Blonde

For blonde-haired beauties, the possibilities are endless. Most colors look great with fair hair because it is versatile and not too imposing. However, there are some colors that especially stun. Blue hued gemstones like sapphire and blue topaz look breathtaking with blonde hair because they serve as a subtle contrast against the lightness of the locks. Greens look great as well. If you’re feeling bold, opt for orange gemstones that will create a healthy glow when contrasted with fair skin and hair.

2)      Red

For fiery redheads, the jewelry colors that look best

10 Tips for Buying a Diamond Online

Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to buying diamonds. In addition to jewelry retailers, you can shop from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Many of the same considerations apply whether you’re buying a diamond in person or online, but GIA has a few additional tips for shopping online that will help you click the “Buy Now” button with confidence.


As with any significant purchase, start by researching your options. Educate yourself about the 4Cs and determine which diamond qualities are most important to you. This decision, along with your budget, will help guide your diamond purchase.


When shopping online, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Some sites show diamonds with a range in carat weight, color or clarity. To ensure you know the value of the stone you’re purchasing, look for specifics on its 4Cs, not a range.


Make sure the diamond comes with an independent grading report, like those provided by GIA, which provides an unbiased analysis of the diamond’s 4Cs. A diamond’s value is largely determined by quality, so an objective, third-party assessment of the 4Cs is critical.



In the jewelry lexicon, certain terms—such as gemstone or band—are more recognizable and well known by the general public. However, other terms such as setting are often not well understood by novice shoppers. In order to determine which setting is best for your engagement ring it first helps to understand exactly what a setting is.

The 7 Types of Ring Settings

There are seven different types of engagement ring settings: prong, tension, bezel, channel, bar, pave, and gypsy. Each one gives your ring a unique aesthetic and has its own set of pros and cons.


The Prong is the most common type of setting. It consists of three to six prongs, or claw-like appendages, that hold the ring’s gemstone in place. There are a few sub-categories of the prong setting. These include: pointed, rounded, flat, and V-shaped. Each of these is best suited for a specific type of gemstone shape. For instance, heart, marquise and pear shaped gemstones are best suited to a V-shaped prong, while flat prongs are best for emerald cut stones. The more prongs used, the more security the setting provides. Yet too many prongs can overshadow a smaller stone. Some benefits of the prong setting include, maximum light exposure,

Top 10 Beginner Jewelry Making Tips

Making your own jewelry is not only a fun and addictive hobby, it also has the added benefit that you get to wear what you create! However, many people don’t really know where to start.

Here are 10 simple tips to get you started with beginner jewelry making.

1. Choose what type of jewelry interests you most.

It can be really overwhelming when you first decide you want to try your hand at making jewelry because there’s such a broad range of possibilities! Just as you wouldn’t expect to learn to crochet, knit, hand-sew, quilt, and embroider all at once, it’s unrealistic to try to tackle every type of jewelry making when you’re first starting out. Instead, choose one kind you’d like to make first and go from there.

Perhaps you like wearing beaded jewelry best, or maybe you prefer the simple look and personalization of metal stamped jewelry. Maybe you want to work with leather, clay or glass. Choose one medium to focus on first, knowing that you can always try something else later… and in fact, the skills may even build on each other and you’ll have an easier time learning a new technique because of what you can already do!

2. Master a few basic

Do you sell jewelry? Here are 46 jewelry marketing tips

Do you sell jewelry? If so, we reached out to many of our readers and followers who sell jewelry and asked them to share their best marketing tips and strategies. Here’s what they had to say and if you have any tips you’d like to share, please leave a comment below this article.

  • I believe the best marketing tip for my jewelry business or any business for that matter is to be “impeccable” with your word.  To stand behind the quality of your work and the quality of your team.  Mostly to be honest and fair and to treat people the way you want to be treated yourself.  Taking pride in everything you do will always come back to you in some form.   I am a firm believer in “quality versus quantity”. – Jeannie Manzo from Say Hello Diamonds

  • Get your jewelry on as many people as possible. Don’t be hesitant about loaning. That’s what’s insurance is for. – Kim Carosella from Sorellina

  • When I first launched my jewelry business, I didn’t have much of a budget for advertising, so I invested my time into mastering SEO, or search engine optimization. At first, I sort of stumbled on it accidentally.

A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewelry

I’ve written before on how a man should wear cuff-links, watches, rings & accessories –  but what about buying it in the first place?

The reality is that most of us aren’t that comfortable in jewelry stores.

Between the high price tags and the technical trade language it’s easy to feel out of your depth, whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one.

Take our quick tips and make your next trip to the jewelry store a painless one:

1. Know What You Want Before Going

Don’t ever walk into a jewelry store and say you’re “looking for something nice for myself/my wife/a friend.”

That’s a great way to get ushered immediately to the most expensive items, and even if the salesperson tries to be genuinely helpful you’re still relying on someone else’s taste, which may or may not match the taste and wardrobe of the person you’re buying from.

Instead, walk in with a clear idea of the basic characteristics you want, even if you don’t have a set of technical terms in mind.

Here are a list of jewelry descriptors you should determine before shopping:

  • Jewelry Color – Do you want plain gold- or silver-colored jewelry, or are you looking for something with a colored stone? If so, what color?

5 Tips to Stay Safe When Buying Jewelry Online

Even though there are many reasons why you should buy fine jewelry online, many people still choose not to. For some, the lure of walking into a physical store, of sitting on a real chair and being shown physical jewelry by someone they can look in the eye, is just too great. And that is fine. But for those people who like the advantages of buying jewelry online, but who are yet to be convinced it is safe, then these tips are just for you.

After all, shopping online allows you to choose from a great many more designs, gemstones and even precious metals. And all the best bargains can be found online. All you need to do is make sure you only buy from a reputable jeweler. So how do you determine which online jewelry retailers are genuine reputable?

1. Get a Recommendation

First off, ask around. Check with your family and friends to see if they have ever bought jewelry online. And if so, ask for recommendations. Just because they have not mentioned their experience before to you does not mean that it was not good. In fact people typically only tell others of their experiences if they were bad! If

How To Make Your Retail Jewelry Store More Profitable: 7 Tips

I’ve spoken to several jewelry and luxury retailers lately and I’ve also been commenting about luxury sales and how things need to change for these retailers.

I’ve condensed several points into this post with my seven tips to make your jewelry store more profitable.

Approach with fresh eyes.

It’s great if your parents founded your business in 1950 – but if it still looks that way, you’ve got a problem. And if it smells sort of like 1950 you have a bigger problem. Staid may work in England but luxury needs to speak to today’s customers with updated lighting, new floor coverings, current colors and on-trend display fixtures.

Raise the counters.

Does anyone want to look at something at the level of their crotch? No. The sweet spot in any display is the area between the bellybutton and the eyes. You want to highlight your best products at eye level. Stooping over, especially for older consumers, isn’t their preferred way to do many things. Raise your display counters to 42”instead of 32” so customers can have an up-close relationship with the products they’re browsing.

Pay more for a smiling security guard.

Does having to be buzzed in by a security guard make a passerby want to browse

7 Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features. What better way to do so than to complete your look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry?

Statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with, but can make all the wrong statements if they are not worn correctly.

The beauty of statement jewelry is that it only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out. The key is to keep it simple and either work your outfit around one big eye-catching piece, or to work well-coordinated statement accessories into your look by striking the right balance.

From cocktail rings to cuff bracelets and bib necklaces, statement pieces come in all forms, designs, colours and sizes. They can work wonders to add dazzle to a simple dress or can help to draw attention to parts of yourself that you would like to emphasize.

Either way, make sure you follow our rules to pull off a look that gets people looking at you in awe rather than dismay.

1. Less is more

Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do

Jewelry Tips To Help You Accessorize Every Outfit Like A Pro

If I told you it’s possible to become a master at styling your outfits with the perfect jewelry each and every time, would you believe me?

Well, get ready to boost your accessorizing confidence!

It’s no secret I am a fashion enthusiast and a firm believer in using what you wear strategically as a tool, especially in the business world. Jewelry is an essential part of the equation.

There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available in the marketplace providing you with countless styling options. The trick is to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

Here are five jewelry tips and tricks, so you get it right each and every time:

  1. Each piece must add value to your (entire) outfit. As Coco Chanel infamously recommended, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” It’s great advice and still holds true. I also recommend checking to see if you need to add another piece of jewelry before you leave the house too – over-accessorizing and under-accessorizing are common jewelry errors. Just because it’s pretty or sentimental does not mean you should wear it with every outfit and just

6 Tips for Wearing Holiday Jewelry

In most situations, choosing jewelry and accessories is mostly a matter of finding pieces you love and pairing them with the right clothing. However, selecting holiday jewelry can be a little more complicated. For one thing, the selection of seasonal jewelry is huge and constantly expanding. You’ll find everything from coordinated necklace and earring sets to novelty items like themed pins and necklaces. All these choices make shopping fun, but so many options can also make it challenging to figure out how to wear these pieces. These guidelines will help you figure out how to incorporate holiday jewelry into your look.

Know Your Style

Your everyday style generally reflects your personality, so if you get to zealous with the holiday pieces, you may feel uncomfortable. You can avoid this by wearing pieces you truly like. Do you typically wear a lot of layered necklaces or several jewelry pieces? If so, you might enjoy wearing a few coordinated holiday pieces. Are you more of a simple necklace kind of girl? In that case, you might be better off with a pair of stylized holiday earrings or a simple Christmas-themed charmed bracelet.

Consider the Occasion

The type of occasion should be a factor in choosing any